We offer you impartial and professional advice on higher education institutions and course options based on your academic qualifications and work experience, keeping in mind your budget, and other preferences.


Each university and college has different specialities, so see which is most suitable for you? If you are unsure about that, arrange a free consultation with our education counsellors at our UK, UAE,  Saudi Arabia and Pakistan offices, or via Skype.


We want you to feel comfortable the moment you get here. That’s why we hold pre-departure briefings for future students and their families to make necessary arrangement when they leave home country.

Top Study Destinations

The UK offers a high quality education system and obtaining a British qualification is well respected around the world.

United States of America

 Many of the world’s top institutions are in the USA, with 4,500 universities and colleges offering an education that can lead to career success.

New Zealand

New Zealand is popular amongst international students seeking a secure study environment and outdoor lifestyle.

Canada is fast becoming a leading destination for international students with affordable tuition fees, post-study work options and quality institutions.

Australia is a safe, affordable study destination with highly regarded education institutions.

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